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自家很爱怜This Is Us,因为那就是在世最忠实、纯粹、温暖的面相。

Gerry: Are we finished now? Can I come back?


Whatever ups and downs, or twists and turns, we can always find our way back to life. And life will always spread arms to hold us tight and bond us with our beloved ones. 想以此贴记录This Is Us里面笔者喜欢的台词,小编爱怜的生存的理之当然。

Holly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Elena说Stefan救过他,并且在他失去父母最难熬的时候,让他有了活下来的重力。她说 that's what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad that you're alive.
Matt: So what's the problem?
E: The problem's Damon. When I'm with him, it just consumes me. And I know that I can't love them both. I know that it's wrong, but I… when I choose one, then I'll lose the other. And I don't want to lose anyone else.


Gerry: I'm sorry, luv. Ahhh.


从起先,到新兴的重看和摘录,小编对This is us的喜欢就像是总会在看剧的时候荡漾着,以至于有种刚烈无比期待却又不舍得不忍心开启第二季的痛感。

Holly: I'm sorry.


那中间,小编一再会重播自个儿摘录的文字,那篇记录的名字也从最开端的"Dialogue I like in This Is Us"改成"Moments in This Is Us"。修改的扼腕来自于重看William对How does it feel like dying的答疑,他研究很多她想要拼命抓紧却抓不住的moments,让本人陡然之间认为"Dialogue"那一个词太苍白,"I like"是太自小编的传教。

Gerry: I'm sorry I said the wrong thing to your mother.
God, I still get nervous around her.
I still think after nine years, she doesn't like me.
I know I'm being stupid.

Elena的阿妈告诉她,“you're not going to lose him, honey. You're setting him free.”所以,她接纳了给D自由。

Lines I try hard to capture here are moments. Every single moment tells a story about the past, the present or the future and it connects all the people that are part of the immensity of life. Whatever it might taste, I wanna feel the moment and seize it in my own life. That's what make me who I am and that's what make "This is me".

Holly: No, you're not being stupid, baby.
She doesn't like you.

Elena: I love him, Damon. He came into my life at a time when I needed someone and I fell for him instantly. And no matter what I feel for you, I never un-fell for him.
Damon: It's always going to be Stefan.
E: I can't think about “always”. All I can think about is right now. And I care about you, Damon which is why I have to let you go. I mean, maybe if you and I had met first...


Gerry: Really? And I thought deep down, she really loved me.

E: So,Damon, tell me. What is that I want?
D: You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger.
E: So what do you want?
D: I want you to get everything you are looking for. But right now I want you to forget that this happened. I can’t have people knowing I’m in town yet. Good night, Elena.

Holly: No, she doesn't.
I was 19 when we got married.
And you corrupted me with sex and charm...and the longer it takes you to make your fortune, the less sexy and charming you are.


E01 #Dr. K Maybe one day, you'll be an old man like me, talking a younger man's ear off, explaining to him how you took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade. If you can do that, you will still be taking three babies home from this hospital, just maybe not the way you planned.

Gerry: Hmm.


Holly: What? What are you looking for?



Gerry: My balls. They were hanging there a minute ago.


#Family - Dad: First came... - Kevin: Me! - Dad: And dad said... - Kevin: Gee! - Dad: And then came... - Kate: Me! - Dad: And mom said... - Kate: Whee! - Dad: And then came... - Randall: Me. - Dad: And we said - Randall: That's three. - Dad: Big three? - All: BIG THREE!

Holly: My mother said it was a mistake marrying you because I loved you too much.
"It won't last."
I don't wanna make any mistakes, Gerry.

莫非爱情不该follow ur heart?

#Randall&Beth - Eight years ago, I was pregnant for the first time and Randall was vying for partner at his firm. We just bought this house on faith, even though it needed a lot of work, even though we couldn't afford it whatsoever. Then Randall made partner. He did all the work himself in the house so we didn't have to spend a penny. And he made sure I didin't lift a finger during my pregnancy. - He is a good man. - No. He's not good. He's perfect. ..... - Randall is not free of vices, William. His vice is his goodness. It's his complusive drive to be perfect. It's why I love him, but it's also why I have to protect him sometimes.

Gerry: Well, you're in the wrong species, luv. Be a duck. My baby.
We're not a mistake just because we don't have any money.
And we are gonna last.
You know how I know?
Because I still wake up every morning and the first thing I want to do is see your face.

本身未有答案。小编想,要是本身是他,我也会如此决定把。no reason。

Holly: Oh, I'm sorry.
I see people buying bigger apartments and having babies.
I get so afraid sometimes our life's never gonna start.


Gerry: No, baby.
We're already in our life.
It's already started. This is it.
You have to stop waiting, baby.
And Hol, you can't keep eating me head off, telling me to leave.
I'm not going anywhere. I'm not your dad.

I still know you are around. You are still here, aren't you?


We have absolutely no idea what we want.

#Kevin&Dad - Sorry, I shoud have been watching you. Okay? - You should have. - And I said I was and I should have been watching you, pal. - I know trying, okay? Look, I know that I'm bigger than you. I know that I'm an adult, but... this is my first time, okay? This is my first time too. I got three and I'm trying. I'm sorry. I should've been there and I'm gonna be there, okay?

We're so arrogant, aren't we?
We're so afraid of age. we do everything we can to prevent it.
We don't realize what a previlege it is to grow old with someone, some one who doesn't drive you to commit murder, or doesn't humiliate you beyond repair. Sweet.

#Kate&Dad - I'm gonna go princess. - I want you to know that daddy already sees you that way without the shirt, okay? You don't need it. - Thanks, daddy, but I'm gonna wear it anyway.

I feel like I'm trying on a new pair of shoes I really wanna buy, but they just don't fit.

Would you mind if we should walk together since we are going in the same direction. I'll stay on this side of the road. Don't even have to talk. Just quite nice, sometimes walking along with someone without talking once you get your feet wet.


I could turn it on and off when I was younger and I had no principles. When every girl that I was lucky enough to kiss was the end of life as I knew it. Now I only send it out when I think she might be the one that makes it true.